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kozmial’s storytime - dealing with college assholes

shitty day at work.. just 2 more hours. looking forward to picking up chicken tenders, wedges and wine and just passing out tonight

Im not skilled, I dont know how to play an instrument, i’ve never received lessons, I cant even fucking read sheet music. But its my only hobby that I truly hold dear and could never fully live without. Its all trial and error using knowledge that I’ve gained from six years(almost seven now) with fruity loops. Its headed nowhere, there is no end goal. Its a dream of a dream that I’m not dedicated enough to find feasible. But goddamn does it make me happy. Thats all that matters

I made a lot of music back when I was depressed in 2011/2012. And it was wack. Really wack. I was also a bit spiritual then and I also smoked weed every night so…. yeah it was interesting. I remember at the time, I thought the music I was making was so goddamn incredible I was blowing my own mind. It really wasn’t. A lot of it was half-assed, really letting my ADD shine through. Well not to say it doesnt nowadays, it always does. 

But this was the most inspiring time of my life in regards to music. I was feeling so much emotion in the literal shit I was putting together. A lot of my current music is a throwback to these emotions, or at least trying to recapture the feelings. I wouldnt upload any of that I dont think, as I use a lot of recorded bits from the internet that really dont share any context and the songs usually lack basic structure. The stuff i’ll be uploading and sharing soon is a new style i’m toying with, just laid back compositions that arent too complicated or spectacular. Much like that Spiralism track.

So sorry there James but if you fail to realize that my Nana passed away almost 6 years ago and this photo is 8 years old then I don’t think you deserve an invite to our small Christmas dinner, ever.