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Hey guys!! Do you enjoy my gifs? Do you cherish good-enough-for-a-poke’s gifs? Well guess what chip-chips, we started a blog together! If you haven’t already heard of it, give ‘er a look-see:

Finally, a dedicated blog for Tim and Eric fandom. If you would like to know more about our goals then check out our first post below!

Enjoy ;)


Do you love Tim and Eric? I mean really LOVE? You know, like in THAT way? You know what I mean…

Well, you’re not alone. We love them too.  We want to make a place where people like us can join together and indulge in a virtual orgy of appreciation of our favorite handsome men.

We will be gathering together all sorts of stuff here, original and found on the internet- gifs, screencaps, photos, fan art, fan fics, audio, video, news, questions, whatever!

We’re still working out the shape of this thing and would love to hear from you. Please join us; ask, reblog, submit, or just sit back and watch. Squealing, flailing, swooning, fainting, ogling, and quiet contemplation of the beauty on display is actively encouraged.